Fay & Derrick's Testimonial

Thanks Sophie.

We have the cheque and will give it to Kev tomorrow.  Thank you for everything. We are extremely pleased with your attention to detail and the service you have provided for us.

We are also very pleased with Kev. He has done an outstanding job and has attended to everything we have asked him to do. His business attitude has always been very friendly and obliging.  If I sound too mushy – sorry for that, but I always believe in giving credit where credit is due.

Everyone that we have had anything to do with, Terry, Felicia and Angela, and anyone else whose names I have missed,  have been more than helpful and Brad has certainly helped us in every way he could. He can be really proud of his staff.

After we have moved in, you must pop over to see the ‘finished’ house once everything is in place.

Kind Regards


Fay & Derrick


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