Gail & Peter's Experience

Our experience with McLachlan Homes 2014

Two of our son’s were encouraged to enter the investment market  and build a smaller, very well appointed home to be rented  initially by their parents.

It needed to have a scullery and store room, privacy for visitors to stay and a media room so as not to disturb others – on a pretty strict budget.

After weeks of searching display villages the Bellmere from the Caloundra Bell-Vista Village was chosen, with some modifications.

It all happened and is awesome for any couple, young or old who love to entertain but put the dishes out of sight for tomorrow.

Have a ‘see at a glance’ pantry; be able to let the parents sleep in while the grandparents enjoy the grandchildren or watch movies till late without disturbing anyone else.


1   The Plan – Salesman/Designer Terry was creative in getting our ideas into the plan plus a few extra’s of his own. Of my frequent requests prior to final plan –“Am I giving you a headache yet Terry?”  “Not even close Gail”.

2    The cabinetry – Anthony changed the dreaded corner cupboard to become a good space, and the overall look with the caesar stone – stunning.

3    The safety  – Good for young and old – no hobs to showers, steps to garage, lift off toilet doors, recessed sliding door sills to outside( no tripping) etc.

4     Supervisor  – Dave McGinn.   McLachlan’s top asset according to us. A real builder himself he is competent and calm with an eye for detail. ‘If it’s not good enough for my house it’s not good enough for yours’  = if he had a motto.

5     The Team – Office personnel, Sophie, a great help with our many phone calls and emails, Angela in accounts very helpful.

6      The Sub Contractors – Our cars have no trouble with our steep driveway thanks to the expertise of the concreters.

Others in our street with steeper slopes are not so lucky. Painters advice made a good difference and tilers did a great job especially in showers.


Finally – Even at handover Dave found a sliding door not adjusted quite correctly so he fixed it on the spot.  We are confident he will fix any problems in the near future.

Gail & Peter 


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