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McLachlan Special Projects Pty Ltd

We are pleased to provide a written testimonial in support of McLachlan Special Projects Pty Ltd, PO Box 709, Morayfield   Qld   4506

In 2015 we decided to sell our Noosaville home of 9 years and build a smaller dwelling in Peregian Springs, Queensland.

Because of our previous experience with other builders, we deemed it prudent to read reviews, visit home display centres and undertake considerable research into the history, integrity, viability and client reviews of the short list of customer-focused builders we thought could assist us with our project.  What we had hoped for was a project that would be exciting not distressing, a project that would be pleasing and not disappointing.  We realised that we would need a representative of the chosen builder who would provide expert (and patient) professional help in developing and integrating our ideas into what we had hoped for – a first class, personally designed, quality home consistent with our lifestyle; of exceptional finish, and within our budget.

After careful consideration of the information about the number of reputable builders we had acquired over several months, we chose McLachlan Special Projects Pty Ltd and an informal meeting was subsequently arranged between a McLachlan representative and us during which we discussed our plans and hopeful outcomes.  After providing a few ideas of our own together with rough sketches, a rough time frame and importantly, our budget, we left that first meeting feeling vindicated by our choice of builder.

Over the ensuring months we looked forward to our regular meetings during which our ideas and concepts started to materialise in the form of drawings coupled with clear explanations as to why or why not some of our ideas would not `work’ or be practical for any one of a number of reasons – structural integrity, council regulations, costs, site restrictions, aspect etc.  Invariably, the McLachlan consultant improved, and even enhanced many of our ideas to the point where we felt we were getting a lot more `bang for our buck!’

To see our new home breaking ground after all the preliminaries, plans, surveys and contracts were approved and signed off by all parties was indeed an exciting time for us.  The consultant introduced us to the project supervisor who in turn introduced us to the various tradespeople, all of whom kept us regularly advised on each stage of the construction process.  Previously arranged on site meetings with the supervisor and the various trades usually to discuss minor discretionary variations to the original plan were always punctual, friendly and constructive, leaving us with a feeling of inclusiveness and very much part of `the team.’

After a few delays mainly due to bad weather or unavailability of some component materials, our McLachlan Special Project home was completed and importantly to our satisfaction.  During the whole construction process we did at times, experience some anxiety – normal for a project of this magnitude and due to our previous experience, but because of the `open door’ policy of McLachlans, any concerns or issues that did arise were dealt with promptly and put to rest.  The overall result was a new home build in accordance with McLachlan Special Project’s motto, `Built around Lifestyle.’

For us the rest is, if we ever had to consider again, building a new high-quality, individually designed, one-off home incorporating our own ideas together with the hindsight that we now have, would we choose McLachlan Special Projects Pty Ltd again to undertake the project for us?

The answer is an unhesitating and resolute, `YES!’

Garry and Bernadette

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