Lance & Susie's Testimonial

Dear Brad,

As you know, we have recently received the keys to a home your company built for us in Camp Mountain.

We would like to let you know how pleased we are with the service we have received, and in particular, from the McLachlan’s Special Project Team.

Our first contact with your company was with Terry Young.  It was his interaction with us that resulted in us choosing to build with you.  We have experienced our first builder going into liquidation, so we were very cautious about resigning with another builder.  That initial positive interaction with Terry continued with Sophie Harrison and with Angela Anderson too.  Both Sophie and Angela were consistently supportive, positive and contactable at all times.  They responded quickly to any questions or requests we had, always very pleasant and professional and we have been very appreciative that this has been the case.

The majority of our interaction has been with our Site Supervisor, Nick Cross.  We cannot speak highly enough of the way Nick has managed our build.  We learnt that we could trust Nick to ensure things were done well and finished to a high standard.  He has always been available to us, responded to our emails and messages, and he consistently kept us informed about what was happening and how things were going.  His coordination of the many tradespeople was, from our perspective, excellent.  He has been approachable and positive, and we think he did everything he could to make our home build a really good experience for us.  His professionalism has been most impressive and we have very much appreciated the way he has conducted all elements of our home build.

This culture of great communication, high quality work and ‘no dramas’ has been very much appreciated.  This culture seems to have been reflected too by the tradespeople we interacted with during the time our home was being built.  Obviously we have appreciated the high standard of their work, but their demeanour towards us was welcoming and pleasant, and we really felt they wanted to do a great job for us.

No doubt Brad you are aware of the fabulous job your Team does.  It is important to us that you know how much we have appreciated their effort on our behalf.  We will have no hesitation in recommending MSP to anyone wanting a high quality home and a good building experience.


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