Leslie & John's Experience

Dear Angela

Just a short note to say how delighted my husband and I are with our new house.

Building a house can be quite daunting for someone who has never done it before and my husband and I were very apprehensive.

From the start of our journey with McLachlan Homes it has been a pleasure.  Adam was the main man in convincing us that McLachlan Homes was the best builder to go with.  Adam was terrific and we would probably have went with the other builder, as we had narrowed it down to two,  but he listened to what I wanted from a house, showed me various designs that I could tweak so that I could build my dream house. He believed in the company and it came over.

Adam also went above and beyond for us as he babysat us through the completion of all the forms.  We were living in NSW at the time and he Skyped us talking us through filling in the forms answering any questions and explaining each of the stages.  I thought this was tremendous as we had not got a clue.  He was in touch with us all through the build making sure we were happy with the progress and answered any questions we had during the build.

Our support in the office was terrific she kept us right all the way through and was always available to answer any queries.  At one point we had hired a company to build our pool and when he had submitted his plans he was unaware we had a patio door on our bedroom.  In his plan he had placed the filter outside our door so Catherine contacted us and made us aware of the fact.  We contacted our pool contractor and he altered the plans.

The build itself ran so smoothly.  Extra peering was needed at one point but apart from that there were no dramas.  The finish of the house is perfect, all of our family and friends think so,  even my son-in-law who is a builder was impressed with the workmanship.  When we moved in there was nothing major but a couple of issues that needed to be fixed.  We called McLachlan Homes and Jordan, our project manager (who has been fantastic), took control and made sure all problems were addressed quickly and to the high standard of the rest of the house.

Our house is beautiful, if a house can be classed as beautiful, and my husband and I are thrilled with it.

We would definitely recommend McLachlan Homes to anyone thinking of building a house.

We would be happy to speak to anyone who has any doubts about using McLachlan Homes.

Your sincerely

Leslie & John



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