Matthew & Jo-Anne's Experience

Hi Shannon

This is my chance to say thanks and wanted to let Brad know how we feel about the build.

What can I say about our Supervisor, Nick Cross on our house build that’s negative? Absolutely nothing. We feel so lucky to have had such a positive, considerate, reliable and honest, hard working Supervisor who really knows his trade and the trades he had for our job.  Nick always communicated with us quickly and resolved any issues or concerns in a professional manner. We have built before and we know building is going to have an element of stress. We have never come across a Construction/Building Supervisor as thorough and focussed on the details as a Nick. We know he is across a few jobs but always let us know he would get back to us if unavailable and always did. That’s managing our expectations. And that’s ‘everything’ in a successful business. Nick did go above and beyond our expectations and managed our job with minimal hiccups (if there were any I was unaware and it must have been dealt with). We love the quality of the workmanship in our home. Thanks Nick for being there from start to finish, never having a day off and always being available…many times after hours texting or emailing (sorry). Brad is definitely fortunate to have you and that great attitude you display, where nothing is too much trouble. Both Matt and I sincerely appreciate having you on our build and other clients will be lucky to have you.

Onto Shannon Brooks. Shannon, you are incredible!! I know your job is difficult and you do it with class and a whole lot of patience. You also always get back to us (we are not as good at getting back to you sometimes!!) but you never loose your patience with us. That dedication to your job is very obvious as is your exceptional communication skills. We don’t know how you do it as we know there are many jobs running at once and coordinating all of us must be like being a wedding planner and dealing with stressed our brides for a long period. Can’t get over how calm you are under pressure. Thanks for everything and come up and see us as we would
Love to meet you.

We know at the beginning of the job there were some key items missed (eg Air con, door profiles, not knowing kitchen budget etc as these did need to be added to our mortgage and we would have stretched it to have these) and yes that oversight was ours as well as we didn’t notice until it was too late that these were not in the contract!! I think more time spent doing the contracts with clients would be beneficial to overcome this. However, we have learned from this. The reason this did not overshadow our build was because of our relationship with both Nick and Shannon and also solutions by Mark from Kitchen Crew who helped create my stunning kitchen within a tight budget.

The crew doing the framing (Bob and the his boys) were brilliant and Bob is certainly worth his weight in Gold. That was a great start. Then the other trades from kitchen Crew (their staff are really professional)  to the Electrical Team, Roger and the Tiling group. The plumbers were fantastic to communicate with, as were the Electrician team of men and very respectful and very tidy!! Keeping a tidy site is important and yes I know Nick you checked up on this!! Both Matt and I agreed the trades were great. Robyn from the tile shop was also just brilliant!! Must mention Steve our painter..he is just as calm as a cucumber but nothing is too much trouble and he does a brilliant job!! So happy.

Thanks Brad and your crews for providing us with a beautiful home and being patient with us. Thanks for giving us an amazing Supervisor to help us through this process and building what is our dream home. I know you guys do some massive mansions etc but for us, this is everything we ever wanted and we could not ask for more. We love our stunning home that you built for us.

Kind regards

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