Mitch's Experience

Hi Felicia,

Overall my wife and I are extremely happy with our home. It’s no mansion on a waterfront but it is well above any other single story home built in our area. It would not look out of place amongst the display homes. Everyone that passes has a look and talks about it because it is so visual and attractive. Our family and friends love the place and the warm comfortable relaxed feel it gives off.

We have previously built a couple of times over the years with other builders and those experiences made it difficult to commit to building again. I am now extremely pleased that we made the decision to build with MSP and we will continue to promote and advertise our home to encourage others to also engage with MSP if considering a new build.

Again, I would like to thank Brad, Terry, Sami, and yourself and the whole MSP team for your sincerity and willingness to assist me with this project. The reveal and surprise was something the whole family will remember. Marianna cried from the moment we took her blindfold off. Her first words were “What! OMG! Is that our home? Really? It’s beautiful!”

Marianna and I look forward to enjoying our new MSP home hopefully for many years to come.




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