Sarah's Testimonial

To McLachlan Homes,

We recently had the pleasure of building a new home with McLachlan Homes.

We have built several homes in the past and it isn’t always smooth sailing. What a pleasure it has been however to build with McLachlan Homes. The process went so smoothly and was so organised and it was obvious that the staff had a real understanding and invested interest in what they do. I have to say that building with McLachlan Homes makes us feel like we could do it all over again without question!!

Our supervisor Nick was amazing, communicated so well and really knows his stuff. Our CSO was always in contact with us and we could access her at any time to discuss anything during our build. Thank you Shannon for always being so lovely and helpful to deal with.

The quality of our home is so high and we appreciate the way McLachlan Homes ensured that everything was finished off so perfectly.

Thank You!



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