Shaun's Testimonial

To Whom it may concern,

This is in reference to the building contract we recently (Feb 2012 completion) conducted with  McLachlan P/L.

Having gone through a similar building process with a different builder some 4 years earlier we were extremely delighted to have a polar opposite experience this time around. Whereas previously the building experience was frequently delayed, project managers reassigned, poor quality control leading to workmanship issues and accounts run around led to a miserable experience we are very happy to stand by our assertion that we experienced none of this with Brad’s team.

From the outset with the Sales Manager who (despite frequent requests and changes) answered all of our enquiries within a short time frame making the initial difference in selection over a competitive builder. Once the contract was signed that’s when the advantages of having a local builder with a local team that has worked for Brad for years kicked into effect. Administration with Sophie Harrison was always available, always on track with change requests and been both friendly and professional was a pleasure to deal with.

Geoff (Project Manager) was an absolute legend ensuring the quality and standards expected of a project that McLachlan’s can put their name to was achieved. Despite numerous on-site excursions by myself there was never any issues and questions etc that he could not answer or deal with. The sub contractors were very efficient and as always watched over by Geoff. The biggest testament to this is that 6 months later, everything works, no cracks, doors all close, no issues at all. It is our dream house and we couldn’t be happier.

Probably the one event that stands out is post-handover. After all the accounts had been settled we had an inadvertent issue with the plumber installing a dishwasher that led to leakage and repair work needing to be completed. Geoff and team literally went full tilt in getting these considerable repairs completed in the minimum time – no cost to us, no argument at all about where the responsibility lay – McLachlan’s completed this above and beyond what was expected.

Our most appreciative thanks to the whole team involved!


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