Knock Down Rebuild

Knock Down, Rebuild

Love your location, but outgrown your Home ?

Why not Knock Down Rebuild with McLachlan Homes.

We are typically seeing existing home owners living in the family home, seeing some uplift in value to their properties, particularly in recent years and thus not wanting to move out of the suburb in which they have grown up with and kids attending local schools etc. the decision to renew the house is ever present.

Enjoy our wealth of knowledge and allow us to guide you through the process.


Why Knock Down and Rebuild over Renovating?

Renovations are often more costly and time consuming than a Rebuild.  With many unforeseen costs and hidden problems that ageing structures provide, renovations often come hand in hand with horror stories, dodgy trades and costs blowing out.

Rebuilding with McLachlan Homes the benefits are clear.

*Piece of mind with product and structural guarantees

*Tailored plans and inclusions

*Fixed price

McLachlan Homes dedicated team make this process easy

The exciting process will be overwhelming at times, with this in mind it’s important to have a great team guiding your way.

Enjoy meetings with Designers, your own personal customer service officer, highly experienced Supervisors, long standing team of trades and much, much more.


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Rebuild your Lifestyle. 

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