Steep Block Design


For some home builders, a steep or unusual block is a challenge.

The McLachlan Homes team believe it’s an opportunity to create something truly special.

Our talented Design and Sales Consultants will meet with you on your block to discuss it’s design potential.

Steep lot designs are a great opportunity to create an intelligently designed split-level abode.

Our team can answer the call for a fresh, innovative approach to building on a sloping site.

Need some Steep lot Design inspiration?

Look no further than our ex Display homes for some design ideas The Atlantis and The Zahara

These designs offer unique solutions to difficult blocks and The Zahara also features a detached Granny Flat.

Please Note: Floor plans and artist impressions are for general purpose only and are not to be taken literally, all may vary slightly from time to time. McLachlan Special Projects accepts no liability for any change to any detail within above.

Custom Design is available 

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Please refer to your chosen Blocks Covenant conditions to see if this plan is suitable for your block, for further clarification feel free to speak to one of our Design Consultant. This information is for general purposes only and not to be taken literally, McLachlan Homes accepts no liability for the above information changing.