Acreage Home Designs

Acreage Home Designs.

McLachlan’s Acreage Home Designs draw on decades of experience from our talented Award-Winning Designers to maximise your new home dream to it’s full potential. Whether your lifestyle is built around the rolling hills of the countryside, coastal cool breezes or somewhere in between; The McLachlan Homes team are with you all the way.

Our dedicated staff take great pride in providing a higher standard of workmanship and great attention to detail elevate your design to your perfect home dream.

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The Sky drive

The Bella Casa

The Benison

The Clairmont

The Discovery

The Ellendale

The Greenwood

The Macaranga

The Mantra

The Mayberry

The Panorama

The Resort

The Rosewood

The Ridgeview

The Sorrento

The Zen



McLachlan Homes understand that everyone is different, with this in mind enjoy the freedom to work with us in creating your perfect home. Our experienced Team, most with over 10 years of service; can customise any existing New Homes Design or create your own original design. It is our passion to help our Customers new homes be so much more than bricks and mortar.    

Take advantage of our Custom Design service at no extra cost. Yes, that’s right no extra cost. Whether you have already purchased your block or are still in the market, take advantage of the wealth of knowledge our Design Consultants offer Contact us .

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Love your location? Why not ask our team about a Knock down > Rebuild.

McLachlan Homes offer the service of a one stop builder, offering overseeing Knock down > Rebuilds.

Enjoy piece of mind with New Home warranty, rather than risky Reno’s.  

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