Small lot designs .. Why is the popularity for Smaller lot designs on the rise ?

The answer is simple as in today’s busy lives we require different types of housing, we work longer hours and crave more time for more important things than the maintenance that comes with a larger block and home.

Smaller lots sizes give us a low maintenance, less expensive alternative to a large home and garden. With so many new estates accommodating our needs with wonderful parks and outdoor spaces we no longer need the large backyard. This also helps our environmental impact as smaller homes offer higher housing densities, which are usually more energy-efficient as local facilities and infrastructure are better utilized.

Small lot design is the way forward for most New Homes.

McLachlan Homes offer a Custom Design service at no additional costs. Enjoy the freedom to personalise your lifestyle with tailor made Designs to your budget and your taste.

Looking to alter our existing plans ?  any of our Designs can be customised or we can work with your ideas to create your one of a kind dream home.

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The Aloha

The Angie 1

The Angie 2

The Ascot

The Aston Villa 166

New Design Coming Soon

McLachlan Homes Designers are working on a new Design. 

Coming Soon!

The Aston Villa 168

The Bellflower

The Bluebell

The Casablanca

The Elandra

The Farah

The Haven

New Design Coming Soon

The Hayman 119

The Hayman 120

The Hillview

The Kasey

The Krystie 1

The Krystie 2

The Madrid

The Melita

The Milan

The Mistral

The Newhaven

The Newmarket

The Peregrine

The Shiraz

The Sunrise

The Torquay

The Villa Birtinya

The Villa Modeena

The Villa Nuvo

New Design Coming Soon

McLachlan Homes Designers are currently perfecting a new Design.

Coming Soon!